Alix Schroder


Greg Fitzgerald

Alix Schroder and Greg Fitzgerald

Wedding update

Dear family & friends:

We have made the tough decision to shift to a smaller, intimate wedding on October 17, 2020. As much as we'd love to have you all there, it is more important to us that everyone stays safe and healthy. You will all be with us in spirit.

But good news!

We are planning to have *two* celebrations next summer 2021, one in Minneapolis and one in Belmar. This will allow us to celebrate, toast, and dance together with all of our loved ones, when we can ensure everyone's safety. Stay tuned for further announcements with more detail.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us (

Thank you for understanding, and we look forward to celebrating with you all next year. In the meantime, stay healthy!

All of our love,
Alix & Greg

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Our Story

Alix was impressed with Greg’s self-declared skill of folding laundry and "absurdist dad joke" sense of humor. Greg was intrigued by Alix’s passion for mozzarella sticks and science fiction. After an initial exchange about what constitutes the perfect mozzarella stick, the two decided to settle the debate over dinner.

They met for a first date at Building on Bond, a restaurant in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. Hours later, after several drinks, three plates of roasted vegetables, and nonstop conversation, both felt a little tingle that this, maybe, just might, be the start of something special.

At that time, Alix was living in Long Island City, Queens. Greg had a place in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. A mere 4.3 miles as the crow flies, yet even a casual meetup was dependent on the proper function of New York City's G train – the much maligned, often unreliable little brother of the MTA family.

Determined to conquer the odds for love, Alix and Greg (and Autumn of course) traversed back and forth across the two boroughs, enduring the highs and lows of the G train schedule, spending way too much on Lyft rides, and perfecting the art of transporting Autumn efficiently in a Trader Joe's canvas bag.

In early 2019, the two decided to move in together in the lovely Brooklyn neighborhood of Carroll Gardens, which they now call home. The happy couple decided to make this a forever thing, and Greg popped the question to Alix on the beach over Labor Day weekend with both families in tow.
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